The video that adapts to you!

We work hard for the next level of deep interaction between machine and humans. The idea came to be in 2005 when Stefano Bargagni established Takys S.r.l. With the support of 5 developers, he created the innovative concept of WEB Cloud Storage, a service that autonomously generates web pages from files without any user interaction. Cynny Inc. was established in 2012 in California, Cynny Spa and Cynny Space Srl were born in Florence respectively in March 2013 and November 2015. In 2013 Cynny Spa also acquired a 2% stake in Ambedded Technologies Co. Ltd. Taiwan, a hardware engineering company. The group, which inherits the business experience and skills of Stefano Bargagni, founder and CEO, aims to establish itself in the mobile video market with a highly innovative product, called MorphCast®. A new type of media, which adds value to the emotional response of the viewer linked with the production of a video, in real time ensuring the privacy of the viewer itself. Cynny is now supported by a well experienced team of more than 30 researchers and developers that worked full time to develop special algorithms of artificial intelligence. The MorphCast® can be shared on any social platform (Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.), is also active on BOT platforms (Kik, Facebook messenger, Telegram, We-Chat etc.) and is able to change and react to the emotions of the viewer. MorphCast® is also available on the online store as a free and unlimited application that lets you create MorphCast® from your photos, from your albums on your social networks and from public photos found, with semantic search, on the web.The company aims to spread MorphCast® around the world and continues to invest millions of Euro in R&D together with primary international research centers such as Computer Vision Center of Barcellona and Media Integration and Communication Center of Florence. Cynny, through its subsidiary Cynny Inc., also relies on the strategic advice of industry experts that are residing in Silicon Valley.